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BIM for Heritage:
Developing a Historic Building Information Model

  • Authors: Sofia Antonopoulou, Dipl-Ing Arch, MSc Arch Cons, and Paul Bryan BSc, FRICS.
  • Published by Historic England July 2017.
  • THE BOOK SUMMARY quoted from the book–

This publication on Building Information Modelling for heritage (Historic BIM) offers guidance for owners, end-users and professionals in the fields of heritage and construction. By raising awareness of the potential advantages of a BIM approach, this guidance will help users successfully implement BIM in heritage projects.

Historic BIM is, by definition, a multi-disciplinary process that requires the input and collaboration of professionals with very different skillsets. It is also a fast-developing field in terms of research, official guidance, standards and professional practice. This publication addresses the issues surrounding the production and use of BIM for historic buildings, and provides information about guidance and standards available elsewhere for managing a building’s entire life cycle effectively.

The following is a link for a free download of this book–Developing a Historic Building Information Model (BIM) | Historic England

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