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1993 GPR Chichen field crewB.jpg

Field crew Chichén Itzá GPR Project 1993.  L to R: John Muehlhausen, James Callaghan, Lawrence Desmond, William Sauck, and Kristen Zschomler.


2020 will be the  23rd and 27thyear anniversaries of  the Yucatán Geophysical Archaeological Survey Project at the Maya archaeological sites of: Chichén Itzá (1993 and 1997), Balankanche Cave (1997), Kinich Kakmo Pyramid, Izamal (1997), and Dzibilchaltún (1997).

The 1993 and 1997 Yucatán Geophysical Archaeological Survey Projects are dedicated to Alfredo Barrera Rubio, and in memory of Norberto Gonzalez Crespo, and Peter Schmidt.

A summary of each geophysical survey has been published as a PDF, and can be viewed on your browser by clicking the following link: Geophysical archaeological surveys at Chichen, and other siites in Yucatan 1993, 1997

The posted PDF project summary is to honor and thank those who worked with us in the field or otherwise supported our work in many special ways, and to bring the use of geophysical technology designed for archaeological applications to the attention of our archaeologist colleagues.

The principal investigators for the project were William A. Sauck, Professor of Geophysics, Institute for Water Sciences, Western Michigan University-Kalamazoo, and Lawrence G. Desmond, Assistant professor of anthropology/archaeology, University of Minnesota-Morris. The academic positions were as of 1993.

The Project Summary PDF for 1993 and 1997 includes the following:

  • A list the personnel associated with the 1993 and 1997 projects: 1) Project Field Personnel, 2) Centro INAH Yucatán Personnel, and 3) Friends of the Project.
  • Historical background: The 15 years of development and planning prior to 1990s fieldwork including analysis of limestone samples from Yucatán to determine their level radar attenuation by Stanford Research International in the late 1970s. And, fieldwork and newly developed geophysical methodology for archaeology during the 1990s.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity surveys, and survey results at Chichén Itzá in 1993.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and their results at Chichén Itzá, Balankanche Cave, Kinich Kakmo Pyramid at Izamal, and Dzibilchaltún in 1997.
  • Project presentations, video documentation, web postings, and bibliography:
    • The plan for the 1997 geophysical survey projects was presented atthe Institute of Anthropological Investigations at UNAM prior to fieldwork.
    • Presentations of the results of the 1993 and 1997 projects were made at Centro INAH Yucatán at the completion of fieldwork.
    • Professional video documentation of the 1993 Chichén Itzá project.
    • Internet postings of project papers and reports in 1999: The 1993 and 1997 unpublished GPR and resistivity reports to INAH along with published papers, maps, selected photos, and illustrations generated by the projects were posted to the web site ArchaeoPlanet Blog and Archive hosted by WordPress.
    • The 1993 and 1997 Yucatán Geophysical Survey Project materials are archived by the Middle American Research Institute (MARI), Tulane University.
    • Bibliography- Reports to INAH, and archaeology and geophysics journal publications.


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